Saturday, February 21, 2009

Liz's thoughts

Hey y'all

So Barb has been after me to write on here...So I am...a month after her post. Better late than never rriiigghhht? Right.

Anywho, SO one of my pet peeves is when people are either annoyed with me, or something that I have or haven't done. Or perhaps just overly concerned. And they don't tell me about it. I have to hear from others. To me, that shows a lack of respect to me as a person, and a lack of respect of my personal feelings.
I would much prefer it if people would tell me to my face when they have a problem with me. If they can't do that, I wish they would keep their mouths shut and not talk about it to others. If they are too chicken to tell me, than they sure as heck shouldn't be telling others!

I do have to admit though, sometimes I will be annoyed with people and talk w/ others to work through my emotions. And than decide its not worth it to be worrying about it. Thats who I am, but the people I talk w/ won't tell the person whom I am annoyed with that I am annoyed with them.

Another pet preeve of mine, which in itself is rather a stupid one. Is when I am reading a very good book, and someone will come up to me and just start talking to me. No point in the conversation. If there is a point to the conversation fine I don't mind so much, if there is no point to the conversation and they are just talking, distracting me. I get highly annoyed. It can be a rather off thing, but thats just who I am....

Of course Barb could post a convo we had last summer about a pet preeve of mine...Than that will show you HOW crazy I can be when I am annoyed......

Adios amigos!
**Note: I don't speak spanish.**

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