Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pet peeves

Well Here's the post I told you about .. finally.. 

 sorry I would have posted it sooner but I had it all written up and I just decided heck with it I'll write it. 

So What we're talking about is pet peeves . 

One of my pet peeves is surveys. Before I get into the numbers being wrong let's talk into the questions themselves. Seriously I like surveys too but do you need to do 10 million at one time? And a lot of the questions repeat themselves usually all they are is ' do you have a crush? ' like you're going to say who and tell all of facebook and/or myspace-dom seriously . And one question ' do you sleep with your closet door open or closed? WHO CARES? why are you going to come hide in my closet and  stalk me if i put the wrong answer ? And the ones that make you have to go look at your top 8 unless it's a survey all about that or to go check 1 comment or to go see a contact in a phone? why? I guess I'm just lazy but ask something else. Come on people. 

Now I'll get the numbered surveys. Seriously shouldn't you people get by now that if you make a really long survey and even if YOU make it exactly 100 questions when other people do it for some reason they'll delete a question or a lot so it looks like this .. 


Okay I'm exaggerating but still . Nobody wants to answer that many questions. That's why they delete the questions. There is no point to numbering them seriously, 

 Okay so I'm done next eventually (hopefully) will be Elizabeth but don't hold your breath she's got school and everything sadly.. but don't we all?

So am I crazy for the whole survey rant? 

Is Liz crazy too for being friends with me? 

keep reading to find out!! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Intro to BarbLizisms!

Hey everyone! How are you? so here we go! 


This is the opening of what should be a very interesting blog me and my partner in crime Liz will be specializing in interesting things that happen and hopefully entertaining you! 

But 1st so you know who is entertaining you... 

My name is Barbara H . I like in lowly North Carolina unfortunately very far away from Washington where my co- writer of this blog lives.. *sighs* I love to read , sing ,listen to music , watch movies and tv. I am obsessed with Taylor Swift and Twilight. I have 3 dogs . I am homeschooled actually but I am not unsocialized . 

-barb ( co-writer of blog)

Hey, I am Liz I am a baking student in the culinary arts program at my local community college.  I love reading, chocolate and my digital camera. I have an evil possessed crazed cat .Thought it would be cool to share  a blog w/ my friend Barb:) Want to know anything else feel free to comment away..... Liz  (co writer of blog)

So that is unfortunately it for now .. wait to here back from... 

BARBLIZIMS! comment and subscribe! Email me at if you wish . but before we go .... 

A glimpse into the future ... 

 we will be talking about ... 

Astro vidoes is evil! 

Surveys you take with the numbers all  wrong.. 

And more later  ... it could be about your siblings not doing the dishes or your brother not putting the toilet down..   IF YOU COMMENT ON OUR BLOG! 

why are we talking about this? 

Are we crazy? 

Keep reading to find out!!! 

Good day! :-D